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Whether you are making a single purchase or building a portfolio, we understand that your time is valuable. As an armchair investor, Menvo provides you with a complete Advisory Service to build and manage your property portfolio. As you grow your portfolio hands-free, your rental income goes straight to your bank account while your properties increases in value over time.

The Menvo Advisory Service consists of:

Property Sourcing

We constantly receive fresh lists of repossessed and foreclosed properties from various banks as soon as they are released. As a valued client, you get priority access to these properties fast, affording you the opportunity to make choices according to your own investment criteria.


To ensure you get maximum value on each property, we negotiate to get the best price and most favourable terms for you.

Connecting the key players

Throughout the duration of each purchase, we liaise with solicitors, attorneys, agents and title companies to ensure that the transaction is smooth and timely for you. With US property, we also facilitate the payment of your property taxes and challenge the IRS on any high tax rates on your behalf.

Legal and Administrative Support

During the transaction process, we follow through and check that everything is accurate and compliant with US and UK legal requirements. This includes legal documents such as deeds, forms, declarations and statements.

Foreign Exchange

We use a panel of reputable companies to ensure that you enjoy the best exchange rates and safe handling of your hard earned cash during US property transactions.

Contractors to Renovate your Property

As the proud owner of your investment property, your priority will be to ensure that any renovations or repairs are well taken care of. We will connect you with reliable and reputable contractors who come highly recommended and have proven track records. In the UK, we also have our own project management and construction team to work on your behalf.

Managing Agents

Good managing agents are invaluable in protecting your property and rental income. We always have a panel of trusted managing agents in each area, who have proven to be effective in obtaining good tenants and are diligent in estate management.

Peace of Mind

Take advantage of the Menvo Personal Advisory Service and enjoy peace of mind, with the knowledge that your US and UK property portfolios are being taken care of by experts who really care about your business.

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